Florida Artist Seeks Success by Staying in His Own Lane with “Drive Faster”!!

GOV PRINTZ is a talented rapper, songwriter, and fast-rising artist who brilliantly uses music as a tool to express himself. With an incredibly dynamic musical style, the humble artist began music at the age of 12 and began performing at the age of 21. Iconic rappers 50 CENT and Jay-Z influence his music, and like these rappers but with a more profound vision, he tries to preserve the art form of rap.

GOV PRINTZ soars on his ability to be authentic, be expressive, create quality music, and also thrilling Emceeing. In his career years, he has performed at several events including the Afroman show, Bubba Sparxxx show, Stronerfrest, and Gawdmode EDM event. GOV PRINTZ hopes to enjoy a successful and lasting musical career, dishing out tasteful, content-heavy, and good funky-solid music. Currently, being involved with “The Inkredible Klan,” GOV PRINTZ intends to grow his fan base with crazy, dope, energic projects they have coming up. Follow him today to stay in the loop. @Gov_Printz on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/gov_printz/

Check Out New Single “Drive Faster” on Spotify!! https://open.spotify.com/artist/6IuB8z4ZZkwDChVfS5549O?si=9Jti_9ZxT22Inu807syrgg

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