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Born and raised on the south-side of Chicago, music has always been apart of Carache Da God’s existence. At a young age Carache saw The Scott Brothers, Buddy Scott, Howard Scott and Walter Scott of the “Chi Lites” first hand. The love Carache has for his roots and birth place Chicago, is more than skin deep. So much, Carache has the skyline of Chicago with, “To live or Die in the Chi ”, forever inked. The effects of the street life will forever be in Carache’s blood, literally. Being where Carache is from producing relatable lyrics, is instinctive. For Carache’, writing lyrics comes natural, because it comes from the soul! Carache’s whole vibe and flow derives from his mellow and laid back demeanor. Often times the reservedness can be taken the wrong way, until he speaks on topics that spark the interest in a broad range of different people. Growing up around musical influences molded him into the artist he is today.

A life lesson, turned work of musical art, came from a situation that happens a lot more than it should. A song written by him to address the issue of him finding out, 15 years later that he conceived a daughter. That issue, combined with a subject that sparked his interest after watching “Madea’s Family Reunion” (a play written by Tyler Perry), how misguided mothers make rash decisions. These events moved him to combine the two subjects and speak on a topic long overdue! The album “All Ears On Me” was created. Carache’ is a lyricist, Poet, writer. That mixed with his Hip Hop Culture,real life trials and tribulations a true hip-hop star is born. This album has twenty productions. Two tracks are dedicated to Carache’s nephew, who was murdered on the streets of Chicago. Carache’ music is nothing like you will hear again. Lyrically, Carache’ has been compared to many great hip hop artists. Too often compared to the late great 2PAC. Carache’ is, “flattered and moved by such a great comparison which is truly an honor because I do view 2PAC as a poet, teacher and mentor. However, there is only one 2PAC and there is only one Carache’”.

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