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  • Increase Your Followers

    Our Instagram growth service will increase your followers, likes, and overall engagement on your profile. Gain 800-2000 real targeted followers in just 30 days.

  • Gfx Design / Video Trailers

    Branded social media banners, gfx and videos to promote your music release. Youtube banners, Facebook banners, Twitter banners, Instagram story covers, Instagram video snippets.

  • Sponsored

    Your music will be sponsored on the front page of website

  • Blog Placements

    We will post your music to 20+ hip hop blogs and websites with your social media info included.

  • Youtube Promotion

    Your music uploaded to 24K Mixtapes Youtube channel with 55,000+ Subscribers. Our channel is also monetized with Youtube content id tracking and pays artist per stream via Tunecore, CD Baby etc.

  • Instagram Promotion

    Your music posted on @24KMixtapes @24K_DJs Instagram page and story. We utilize the most effective online advertising systems to push traffic to your music.

  • Facebook & Twitter Promotion

    Your music shared on Facebook and Twitter via @24KMixtapes. Plus your music uploaded directly into the Facebook platform to increase the rate of comments and shares.

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All orders are started within 48hrs. This is a 30 days ongoing promotion. You will receive links to your music on, 24K Youtube channel, aswell as links to your music on 20+ hip hop blogs. Instagram post are made during peak hours the day of becoming available on the 24K website.