St. Petersburgs’ Dredloc Esco Has a Story to Tell After the Federal Pen!!

For Dredloc Esco, of Big Buc Enterprises, rap is a lifestyle. Before rap it was getting money. Making money has always been on the for front of everything for Dredloc Esco. Ready to takeoff in the music industry. Dredlod takes to rap. Dredloc is a naturally gifted rapper who engaged in the music art from a young age. Dredloc is distinguished by his originality and ability to set a pace for others to follow through sound.

Dredloc Esco and Long Time Friend Dj Winn
Recent Release, all street Legends Can Relate to!!

As a fast-rising talent in the industry, he is already making wave by grabbing the hearts of many fans at every opportunity he gets to do so. Dredloc appreciates the love he receives from his growing fanbase and uses it also a source of inspiration to create more good music. As a rapper, his aim to be dynamic and greatly influence the world of music imbibing his unique sound into the culture. Dredloc believes in street credibility and looks forward to a huge fanbase and appeal in the future.  

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